Caravan Servicing

The joy of owning a caravan or motorhome is being able to take off on a road trip at the drop of a hat, heading for the hills or the beach without a care in the world.

You can only indulge in that pleasure though if you’re sure your tourer is fit and healthy and won’t let you down on the way.

John's Caravans mobile servicing & repairs

Dedicated Service

John’s Caravans are dedicated to keeping your caravan, motorhome or trailer in tip-top condition, no matter what its age, size, make or model. A regular service (at least once a year) is all it takes to keep everything fully functional and ready to hit the road, even if your van or vehicle has been idle for a while.

John’s Caravans is an approved NCC (National Caravan Council) mobile workshop, meaning that we are rated by the trade as being fair and honest and recognised for delivering exceptionally high standards of service and workmanship.

Professional advice

We are committed to being extremely thorough in our caravan, trailer and motorhome servicing. We check every mechanical part, including the chassis, brakes, wheels and lights, and extend our examination to include the hot and cold water systems, heating, sanitation, gas and electrical systems so that you can rest assured everything is present and correct.

If we find any faults or damage, we let you know immediately and if you wish we can make immediate repairs.

Another useful service offered by John’s Caravans specialist engineers is to check the mechanical and habitation condition of any motorhome or caravan you are considering purchasing, before you sign on the dotted line.

For happy, carefree holidays on the road, contact John’s Caravans to arrange a service or pre-purchase check of your home on wheels. We’re happy to help.

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